The Business of Office Improvement

Your typical office-goer works 8 hours a day, five days a week. That’s 40 hours per week, which is 160 hours a month, or 1,920 hours a year. If you’re in the workforce for 40 years, that’s 3,200 days of your life, or just over 8 years.

Why would you spend 8 years of your life in a place you don’t like to be in, counting the seconds? At Evoma, we want you to enjoy these 8 years, and remember them as the best years of your life.

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That’s why we take a lot of trouble with office improvement, to provide some work-life balance for the companies located at our business centers in Bangalore.

How do we do it? Here’s a list that highlights our office improvement techniques, based on our experience making your business come alive.

1. Zero commute stress. Scenic location.

evoma old madras road bangaloreEvoma OMR is located in a wide-open space that is easily accessible from anywhere in East Bangalore – 20-30 minutes from both Whitefield and MG Road, and everything in between. Four-lane highway outside, with lots of greenery and lakes on either side.

There’s zero commute stress, because coming to Evoma is actually a very nice ride. You can enjoy the scenic drive – with no massive traffic jams that take hours to get through.

2. Don’t just work. Workout in the office gym.

gym at evoma bangaloreYou don’t just exercise your mind and your fingers on laptops, and mobile phones when you’re working at Evoma. You also workout in the rooftop gym.

It’s a busy life for executives and tech workers, so you may not find time to hit the gym in the morning or evening. But if you have 10 minutes before lunch, or in between meetings, we have a very nice and fully equipped gym waiting for you.

3. Cool off with a lap in the pool.

swimming at evoma bangaloreInstead of or in addition to a workout, you may want to take a refreshing dip and a couple of laps in the swimming pool.

It’s in the garden, well protected by tall palms and plenty of greenery. Nice temperature, and a lovely pool with crystal clear water waiting for you.

4. Poolside breakfast and WiFi, or a full breakfast buffet.

poolside breakfast at evoma bangaloreBreakfast is the most important meal of the day, and we’d like you to break bread with us. Well, it’s not just bread.

You’ll enjoy the breakfast at Evoma so much that your family will wonder what’s going on – why aren’t you eating at home, and why are you going to work so early?

Bring your family along, so they can get a taste of the healthy Evoma breakfast too.

5. Greenery inside your office.

green office at evoma bangaloreIt’s time to start work, so will you be forced to miss the outdoors for the next four hours?

If you can’t be outside, we’ll bring it in for you. It’s also, not coincidentally, supposed to be good for workplace vastu.

6. Greenery out the window.

green view from your office at evoma bangaloreWe make it a point to design and improve office spaces in such a way that your workplace includes a nice green view outside, and we have plenty of flora (and some fauna) indoors as well.

Having a working environment that blends in with the surrounding nature outside will increase productivity.

7. Hang out with the fish by the water fountain.

fish pond water fountain evoma bangaloreRight outside the main entrance, we have a water fountain and fish pond, with a nice little rustic bridge that leads into the garden.

If you need a break, head for the fish pond and talk to them (yes…that’s what a lot of us do…).

Hang out with the fish, take a nice walk in the garden, and head back to work fully refreshed.

8. Want fish for lunch. Is there a good restaurant nearby?

fish lunch at evoma bangaloreTime for lunch, so where are we eating today? What’s on the menu? Is the food any good? Is there going to be a crowd during lunchtime? Will you get a table to sit and have a nice lunch?

There’s no need to ask all these questions at Evoma. We have 4 restaurants downstairs, and a crack squad in the kitchen who can make anything you want – instantly.

This on top of the daily buffet lunch and catered meals that we provide to our member companies and their employees.

9. After-office drinks with the team. Where’s the nearest bar?

UV Bar at evoma bangaloreAnother four hours of work, and it’s time to start enjoying the evening. Is there a trendy and happening bar, cafe or club where you and the rest of the gang can chill and relax? That would be the UV Bar.

Expert bartenders who can hit you with nice, tall and cold drinks that will make you forget your worries and have a very good time.

The drinks menu, from the UV Bar menu, including the world’s best rum, vodka, whiskey, sparkling wines, and your preferred choice of beer.

Drinks menu at UV Bar, Bangalore

10. Don’t want this day out at the office to end. Can I stay over?

evoma hotel rooms bangaloreIt’s the end of our day out in the office, and now you want to do nightouts at Evoma.

A lot of our company founders and employees refuse to go home until they finish their projects.

Just for these night owls, we have microwaves, all night food and drinks served in the restaurant downstairs.

The four-star Hotel Evoma is under the same roof, with luxury hotel rooms and suites. You can say you’re busy working hard while snoring on a King Bed, in front of a large wallscreen television with a cricket or football match on, or a movie you like – on-demand.

This is how we spend our day out working at Evoma, where business meets leisure. What about you? Call now (08041903000) to get an office in Bangalore.


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