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For businesses looking to establish a presence in Bangalore's technology hub, EVOMA at EPIP Zone is the ideal location. Offering tailor-made office spaces in a prime location can certainly be attractive to enterprises looking for a flexible and adaptable workspace.

Open floor plans are a popular choice for modern workplaces, as they encourage collaboration and creativity. By offering custom-built spaces, businesses can tailor their workspace to their specific needs and create an environment that fosters productivity and innovation.



Inclusion Services

Hygiene & Sanitization

Sanitize high-touch surfaces and maintain a tidy environment to provide a pleasant and hygienic experience.


Reserved spaces to ensure convenience and easy access for members with vehicles

Fire Safety

Ensuring that fire exit routes are clearly marked and unobstructed. Display emergency exit signs and provide visible pathways to assembly points

IT Support

Ensuring prompt acknowledgment and timely resolution of reported problems to minimize downtime and user frustration.

Infrastructure Maintenance

HVAC, Electricals, Lights, Fire: Care
Furniture & Asset Upkeep
Preventive MEP Support
Repair & Replace Nonfunctional Items

Hi Speed Internet

Implement redundancy measures to ensure uninterrupted internet access. Consider having multiple internet service providers (ISPs) or backup connections in case of any outages to minimize disruptions for coworking members

Efficient Printing & Scanning Service

Streamlined printing and scanning solutions for seamless office document management.
High-speed, high-quality printing and scanning to enhance office productivity.

Pantry Services

Unlimited tea, coffee, and drinking water available during working hours

Exclusion Services

Special Equipment & Insurance

Special Fire Suppression Equipment. Insurance of Client Equipment and Assets

Taxes & Registration Charges

Tax Charges: Clients will be billed for applicable taxes like GST, following current statutory regulations.
Registration Fees: Clients are responsible for charges related to government registration of sublease agreements.

Removal & Reinstatement

When vacating the premises ,expenses for uninstalling installed equipment, removing branding ,signage materials and restoring the original conditions will apply

Branding & Signage

Branding materials for display, including wallpapers, signage, standees, and props, incur design, production, and installation costs.
Discussion and mutual agreement required for client branding in office premises, reception, and building entrance.

Data & Voice Lines

Clients are accountable for all telecom, internet, and cable services, encompassing setup, cabling, and subscription expenses.

IT hardware & AV Equipment

Laptops, desktops, servers, phones, conferencing gear, screens, projectors, switches, CCTV cameras, and more.


General Questions

Featherlite Evoma offers flexible office spaces with modern amenities and managed solutions, including fully-equipped workstations, conference rooms, virtual offices, and vibrant designs. Ancillary services like gaming zones, gym facilities, courier services, and medical rooms enhance the office experience.

Don’t worry about outgrowing your coworking space. Our flexible contracts can be adjusted anytime to accommodate your business growth. If you need more space, we’ve got you covered.

Coworking spaces naturally foster networking with diverse professionals in a collaborative environment, providing opportunities for valuable partnerships and business growth within a supportive community.

Membership & Offerings

When you sign up for a membership at Featherlite Evoma, the KYC (Know Your Customer) documents typically required may include:

Government-issued photo ID (e.g., passport, driver’s license, Aadhaar card)

Proof of address (e.g., utility bill, rental agreement)

Passport-sized photographs

Please note that the specific documents required may vary based on local regulations and the type of membership you are signing up for. It is always recommended to check with the coworking space directly for their specific KYC requirements.

Evoma offers flexible coworking contracts with options from 3 to 6 months and beyond, allowing clients to choose terms that fit their business needs and growth plans.

With Evoma’s Virtual Office Service, you get a prestigious business address and enjoy call and mail forwarding services, freeing you to concentrate on business growth.

At Evoma, we are committed to providing transparent contracts, which means no hidden charges, pricing hikes, or unexpected expenses. We ensure reasonable budgets that align with your specific requirements and offer straightforward, all-inclusive pricing for a hassle-free experience.

Yes, Evoma coworking spaces are open 24/7, 7 days a week, providing you with round-the-clock access to your workspace.

Transaction & Credits

We offer multiple payment options, including cheque, wire transfer, credit cards, as well as netbanking.

To secure your membership, you must make a payment that consists of a security deposit equal to
three months of membership fees, along with the first month’s rent.

Membership packages include monthly meeting room and print credits. Unused credits will not carry forward.

Facilities & Amenities

Members have access to a variety of meeting spaces like meeting rooms, discussion booths, and the community lounge, which are more suitable and exciting for meeting clients than at their desk.

We offer our members access to package deals, where you pay only for a desk while the additional
benefits come as part of the package.

Evoma offers branding services for private cabin members, including printing their logo using vinyl frosted film at the reception directory, which is included in the One Time Setup Cost. Members can decorate their offices as they wish, provided that branding or wall art doesn’t obstruct vision between cabins and cabins are restored to their original state upon move-out.

Certainly! You have the flexibility to change your mailing address to another address during the contract. Just notify your community manager with a 7-day prior notice.

Virtual office

Evoma Virtual Office provides a cost-effective solution for running your business with a prestigious location address. Easily expand to new markets with our upscale office addresses across India, elevating your brand presence alongside multinational companies.

Virtual office memberships offer flexible tenures with durations ranging from 6 to 24 months, and they require a 100% advance payment.

IT and Technology

Evoma offers shared internet to all its members and guests through redundant internet lease lines. The size of the internet leased line varies at each centre. Wi-Fi access is available throughout the center, and some private studios also have wired connections.

If you have your own internet service provider and IT infrastructure, Evoma can assist in connecting your private office with additional charges. Alternatively, we offer dedicated bandwidth as an add-on service based on your requirements.

Meeting rooms

To reserve meeting rooms at any of our centers, please contact us at 7353945550.

Meeting room bookings include access to wireless internet, tea, coffee & cookies, basic stationery, TV / projector and screen and white board

Day Pass

Our workspaces are available for access from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Sunday. Upon arrival, you can check at our reception. Kindly carry the required documents as mentioned in the confirmation email.

Guest is permitted for those booking conference rooms (based on seating capacity)

All centres have provision for printing, experience teams will assist with your requirement.

As per availability. Centre team will help on site.

We provide business-class Wi-Fi, complimentary tea and coffee, cookies, access to the community lounge, phone booths, and discussion lounge for all our members.

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