Healthy Breakfast Tips for Startups That March on Their Stomachs

Startup founders and all you startup employees who work so hard need a huge amount of strength, energy and fitness to handle the growing workload. Getting the right start to the day is crucial, and breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But what’s important in it?

We asked our Chef Zaki to give us some healthy breakfast tips for startups that march on their stomachs. The key to good health and fitness, he said, was to balance your calorie intake with food that’s filling.

Healthy food at Evoma, Bangalore

Take a look at the suggestions below, and get started on that healthy food lifestyle to get that zest and energy you need to sprint and keep up with a fast-growing startup.

Healthy Breakfast Ingredients

Your breakfast should be heavy in sprouts, multi-grain breads, steamed vegetables, and millet products. Green leaves and garden fresh vegetables should be on your table, as should skimmed milk. Non-vegetarians should also include white meat and poached eggs.

Healthy Breakfast Foods and Cooking Tips

Sprout salads, steamed vegetables, oats – take your pick. Non-veg items on the menu can include grilled poultry and white fish. The ideal method for cooking can be poaching, steaming, grilling, or boiling. The idea is to spray the oil, instead of cooking your breakfast foods in fat.

Balancing Your Breakfast Calories and Content

The biggest problem is finding the right balance between your intake of protein, fat and carbs. Carbs should be around 50%, and fat and protein should cover the remaining 50%.

The thing is that if your breakfast is not filling, then you won’t have the energy and strength needed to do your best work until it’s time for lunch. On the other hand, if you eat too much high-calorie food, that’s not good for fitness and weight.

The solution lies in choosing the right breakfast ingredients and foods. For example, 1/2 kg of cabbage or cauliflower will fill your stomach but accounts for only about 200 calories. But even a 100gms of chicken means an intake of over 300 calories.

Healthy Breakfast Recipe – Cauliflower Oats Bites

As a reward for reading this post, we’re giving you this one free healthy breakfast recipe.

Cauliflower oats bites recipe ingredients:

finely chopped and blanched cauliflower 150 gm
oats 50 gm
oats powder 25 gm
oil 20 ml
chopped onion 50 gm
finely chopped ginger 10 gm
finely chopped green chilli 10 gm
chopped coriander 10 gm
chopped mint leaf 10 gm
garam masala powder 5 gm
lemon juice 5 ml
Roasted jeera powder 5 gm
chaat masala 5 gm
salt to taste

Heat the oil in a large pan. Add onions and cook until they’re soft and golden in colour, which should be in about 2 minutes. Add the cauliflower and mix well till it’s slightly mashed.

Transfer all other ingredients and cook for a minute. Sprinkle a little water so that oats will bind well and absorb the flavors of herbs. Keep aside and allow it to cool. Shape the mix into 20 round and flat pieces or small bites. Grease the pan and cook on a low fire, both sides till they’re golden in colour.

Serve with mint chutney.

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