Why Narasapura companies prefer branch office space in KR Puram

Our business center in KR Puram has had the branch offices of many globally renowned companies, including Airbus and Sabre.

A recent trend I’d like to share is that of companies located in the Narasapura-Hoskote industrial corridor looking for branch office space in KR Puram.

bangalore auto aerospace clustersLots of them are automotive suppliers who want to be near their large clients in Narasapura, but also want a prestigious and convenient office space within Bangalore City for meetings with top executives and other new clients.

This surge in demand for a branch office is probably fueled by the huge investments being made in Narasapura by Indian automotive and aerospace companies, and the arrival of some of the world’s largest companies.

For example, Apple contractor Wistron, a Taiwan-based tech giant, has acquired 43 acres of land in Narasapura, and plans to invest Rs. 1,947 crore in Bengaluru for manufacturing mobile phones, IoT devices and biotech equipment. They will attract a huge supply chain, many of whom will be looking for a branch office to house their own leadership and back office teams.

Then there’s Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India, which has its largest two-wheeler manufacturing plant in the country in Narasapura, with a capacity to produce 24 lakh two-wheelers. Honda has invested over Rs. 5,400 crore in this plant, with a massive economic impact that includes a projected 22,000 direct and indirect jobs.

Then there’s Mahindra Aerospace, Scania, Exedy Clutch India Pvt ltd, and Volvo (in Hoskote). What are the benefits of these Narsapura-Hoskote companies getting a branch office in KR Puram?

1. Prestigious location within Bangalore City limits.

The location is ideal for travel to and from most places in the city including the airport, Whitefield, Indira Nagar, MG Road, Marathahalli and other parts of East Bangalore. Not to mention the short 5-min drive to Hoskote.

2. Ability to house and expand office teams without blocking manufacturing space.

Suppliers with factories in Hoskote and Narasapura want to use as much space as they can for manufacturing, and their office space is small and cramped. Move to a professional office space nearby to avoid blocking up your valuable manufacturing space.

3. Executive office spaces for leadership, sales and administration teams.

Your top management expects a better quality of life, so their offices should be in a nice location and luxurious enough to match their position. Move you administration, sales and other functions to a nice set of offices in the city.

4. Easy access to manufacturing units in Narasapura-Hoskote corridor.

While it’s good to in the city, your office space should also be located close to the manufacturing units so that you can visit at any time you want.

5. Managed offices and five-star hospitality.

Having your own office in the city is different from a managed space where all you have to do is show up to work. Everything from a swimming pool to food, drinks, gym and meeting spaces, and maintenance are available with a single call.

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