What Should Be on the Menu for Corporate Events

The Evoma Business Center and Hotel offers everything you need as a business traveler. We have all the facilities that meetings, conferences and other MICE organizers and attendees need, including food and beverages.

A great deal of planning goes into each event, on the part of the event organizers as well as our staff. The food is typically one of the highlights of the event, so the menu has to be perfect.

Every event, whether it’s a working lunch, a full day induction program for new recruits, a team building exercise, or just an office party or celebration, we have many ideas which can be mixed and matched to enhance the special occasion.

biryani kebabs evomaWe have a variety of menus for you to choose from for breakfast, lunch and dinner meetings, simple seminars, office / staff parties, company BBQs, grand openings, company anniversaries, retirements, or any other corporate function that requires special attention.

Our corporate menu includes breakfast, sandwiches, salads, hot lunch, platters, BBQ, dinner buffet and much more.

After planning your corporate meeting or outing schedule, check out the different venue options. Select the location, indoor or outdoor venue, seating arrangement, etc. as per your schedule. Then you can choose menu options and customize it based on the aforementioned arrangements and your event schedule and attendee preferences.

Following are some corporate event menu ideas that have proven to be highly effective in keeping event attendees interested and alert. We’ll start with breakfast and lunch menus for an induction programme, and then the menus for team building exercise groups, office parties, and catered office lunches.

1. Breakfast menu

An induction programme or conference generally stretches for a whole day, and sometimes may even extend to a couple of days. So the menu items include the following:

a) Breakfast beverages: Cold milk, hot milk, milk shake, fresh fruit juice, veg juice, tea, and coffee.

b) Morning munchies: Idly, vada, uppuma or rice, uttappam, sambar, coconut chuttny, tomato chuttny, Gunpowder (molagapodi), ghee poori or bature, bajji or chole, potato dish, English veg, boiled egg, porridge, live station, egg dosa, pancake and french toast.

eggheads for breakfast

c) Energy bites: sprouts, fresh vegetables, boiled green peas, boiled american corn, lemon, mint, chili, cherry, tomato, carrot, radish, cucumber, lettuce dressing, plain curd, flavoured yogurt.

d) Morning bakery: White bread, brown bread, corn flakes, choco flakes.


2. Buffet Lunch

a) Welcome drinks: Bar Man, Special Mocktail

b) Starters: Veg starter, non-veg starter, dips & chutneys

c) Soup: Veg soup, non-veg soup

d) Soup accompaniments: Bread rolls, butter soup, stick crispy noodles, chicken cubes, spring onion, soya sauce, chili vinegar, chili sauce, scrambled egg, fried onion, fried garlic, cheese cubes

e) Salad bar: Veg compound salads, fresh sprouts bar, fresh garden greens

f) Salad dressings: Citrus vegetables, Non-veg salad

g) South Indian accompaniments: Curd, curd rice, pickles, fried chili papads

h-1) Non-veg main course: Chicken preparation, fish preparation.

h-2) Veg main course: Paneer preparation, Indian veg preparation, South Indian veg preparation, dal preparation, flavored rice, steamed rice, rasam, tandoori breads, English baked dish or pasta, Chinese veg, noodles

i) Desserts: Hot desserts, cold desserts, choice of ice cream – three types, nuts and chocolate sauce, cut fruits

fruit platter

3. Evening coffee or tea with snacks

Teatime at Evoma is not just a cup of tea. It’s a refreshing break with beverages accompanied by snacks and biscuits and cookies.

elephants and coffee at evoma bangalore

4. Menu for Corporate Team Outings

This can be planned from morning till evening tea time. This will include welcome drinks, and a hot luncheon with an option of live BBQ arranged poolside.

breakfast pancakes

The menu spread will be similar to lunch or dinner parties for the team/ office parties. Live stations options can also be used. End the day’s corporate team building exercise with evening tea and snacks.

5. Corporate Lunch or dinner buffet spread with drinks

corporate food menu lunch dinner buffet drinks

These kind of corporate parties generally include lunch and dinner along with LIQUOR PACKAGES.

You can always check us for the drinks, and choose a corporate food menu fitting the team budget. An example of how you could structure it is seen on left.

6. Live Stations Options

Tawa Vegetable counter: Seasonal vegetables with selected spices accompanied by the jingle of metallic flat grill and sizzle of clarified butter.

Dosa counter: Natural fermented rice and lentil crepes served with assorted chutneys.

Pasta station: Three kinds of pasta finished with your choice of sauces which are cream and tomato basil sauce.

Chat counter: Pani poori, papdi chat and samosa chat will be served with exotic chutneys and sev.

All these menus are followed by a large spread of options in both veg and non-veg to choose from, once you decide the schedule of meeting / outing.

7) Office party bash

If you want to have an exclusive bash for your team, we can always prepare custom menus for your special team as per your needs. The buffet spread and liquor drinks offered would be similar to a New Year bash.

The arrangements can be modified, and we can make customised menus as per your requirements. These are only a few examples. The menu provided and offered here include one of the largest spreads. Items can be included or excluded depending on budget and schedule planned.

8) Office lunch pack catering services

We also provide Executive Pack Lunch meals for offices as per demand. There is a proportionate and set menu keeping in mind the energy quotient required for hard working executives. You can order for your employees, and choose from the range of menu provided.

The pack lunches, freshly packed and steaming hot, are delivered to your location everyday by our catering van.

Corporate army marching on empty stomachs? Feed them right. Call Evoma now to order your pack lunches.

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