Types of Corporate Catering Arrangements

Our luxury Evoma Hotel in Bangalore is an event venue with a business hotel, ballroom, twelve indoor and outdoor event spaces, and four on-site restaurants. This attracts a regular flow of corporate events of all types and sizes, and our kitchen staff have their hands full running around trying to provide the high-end dining and catering services needed.

bangalore corporate catering

These are the different types of corporate catering arrangements that are typically asked for by companies, event planners and the attendees themselves.

01. Food and drinks for office party groups.

Office party groups typically come in the evening, after office hours. The menu in this case is not a heavy meal, but more along the lines of snacks and drinks. The drinks may be tea and coffee or soft beverages or alcoholic, depending on the time (post office party in the evening means alcohol).

office party food and drinks evoma bangalore corporate catering

Sometimes, office groups come for lunch, as a sendoff for a colleague who is leaving, or as a treat for visiting business executives from other locations. This is simply a meal ordered from our Courtyard Restaurant menu, with everyone choosing the kind of cuisine (veg as well as non-veg) they like or want to eat.

In case they’re eating at our OJ Japanese Restaurant, there’s also the option of Bento Box lunches for the entire group.

We offer LIQUOR Packages that include a corporate party menu (lunch or dinner) with drinks.

02. Gala dinners and buffets for award ceremonies.

The winners are usually on stage at award ceremonies. But when the venue is Evoma Bangalore, everyone who attends is a winner. The menu for gala dinners is stylish and high-end enough for business executives and companies who want to make a good impression.

gala dinners evoma bangalore corporate catering

We’ll bring out the shining crystalware and our best wine selection, and you come in your best suits for a wonderful bash with multi-course dinners starting with soup and starters of your choice.

Our Chef, who is a menu engineer, will design the catering for your event point by point, person by person. Attention to detail and exemplary service is what makes these gala dinners so magnificent, and we’ll make sure that the experience of an Evoma gala dinner remains memorable.

03. Company Day or Founder’s Day catering.

The Evoma Business Centers in Bangalore house hundreds of startups, small businesses and branch offices of large companies. There’s some sort of celebration always on at any given point of time for one or more of these businesses, and we’re happy to host and organize the corporate catering arrangements needed for these events.

founders day evoma bangalore corporate catering

This Company Day or Founder’s Day is usually about honoring the Founder, so we’ll coordinate with your event manager, organizer or planner to find out what the Founder and his or her family wants to see in the catering arrangements, as per the budget for a smallish party. Cake and ice cream is bound to be part of the mix, and lots of balloons and soft drinks.

We can also make it contemporary with momos, burgers, pizza and fries, or ethnic with bite-sized sushi, tempuras, onigiri and other Japanese dishes, Italian pasta, Mughlai kebabs or any cuisine you want as a theme for your event.

04. Corporate retreat food and fun.

Evoma, by our own admission, is a place where business meets leisure. It’s the best place in Bngalore for a corporate retreat if your objective is to enjoy some down time, eat and drink in absolute luxury, and do some team bonding exercises by the pool.

In fact, we have a “One Day Corporate Retreat Package” that is suitable for everyone from large multinationals in Bangalore and Southern India to groups of teachers from the nearby schools who want to enjoy a day out as a school picnic.

evoma bangalore corporate retreat catering

The package includes a welcome drink, breakfast with tea and coffee, and evening tea or coffee with snacks. Access to the pool, additional food and drinks, and all our other luxury hotel and resort facilities are at your service if needed.

05. Catered residential conferences and training sessions.

There are a lot of residential conferences and full-day training programs going on at Evoma Bangalore since we have a business hotel and multiple conference and training venues, plus the catering and other facilities needed by participants. Some of the world’s largest companies bring their entire southern India hires to Evoma for training and inductions.

As such, we have standard menus and catering arrangements for these day and residential conferences and training programs.

buffet conference training evoma bangalore corporate catering

Your attendees will be served buffet lunch and dinner spreads, and be able to pick from a meal menu that includes low calorie and healthy meals.

Includes a choice of three salads, and a soup (veg or non-veg), followed by a main course of one paneer and choice of three vegetables (and two non-veg), flavored rice, steamed rice, dal or sambar, rasam, pickles, papad and chutneys.

There will be an assortment of Indian breads, plus a choice of two desserts and ice cream.

06. Interview refreshments.

Interview candidates need some refreshments while they’re waiting. The interviewers need snacks and beverages ready to munch on, when they’re not chewing up the candidates.

interview refreshments evoma bangalore corporate catering

We’ll provide motivating and energizing snacks, tea, coffee, and cold drinks, plus meals if the session extends beyond noon.

07. Outdoor catering and executive dining rooms.

Many of the guests who come and stay at our luxury hotel in Bangalore are business executives who are going to be attending meetings nearby in the city. We offer a package that includes not just a hotel stay and in-room / on-premise meals, but also catered meals delivered to your meeting site or location.

evoma bangalore corporate outdoor catering

This is part of the outdoor catering (ODC) services provided by the Evoma kitchen. We can send you packed and ready hot meals to your meeting site, and provide the kitchen staff you need for setting up and serving the meals to all the meeting participants. In fact, we can also set up executive dining rooms (EDR) on-site, if you have top management visiting with valuable customers or guests who need to be looked after properly.

08. Cowork and share food and drinks.

We have coworkers wandering all over the place and setting up base anywhere they want on the premises. Many of them virtually live in or near the pool, happier than hippos wallowing in the water. These nomadic coworkers will keep calling for food and drinks, and we’re happy to serve them anywhere they are.

coworking evoma bangalore corporate catering

Whether you have taken up 1-week shared office office, a desk for a day, or a meeting room for a few hours, you can order and share food and drinks 24/7 while you cowork at Evoma.

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