Top 10 Workspace Solutions for Space Providers

Evoma has 4 large business centers in Bangalore offering shared office spaces for hundreds of member companies, along with one coworking space in Whitefield. It’s impossible to manually manage all the facilities and services being provided to our members across these multiple locations.

A lot of the workspace management for each of our centers has been automated in parts. But we’re now looking at a complete workspace management solution that can increase efficiencies and reduce the effort involved.    

So the time is ripe for a review of workspace solutions for space providers. The most common features to look for include:

  • Invoicing system. Automated invoice generation, payment reminders, and collection. Seamless integration into your current invoicing system.
  • Online bookings. Allows members to check availability and book your resources online.
  • Location and device independent. Manage your space from anywhere. Accessible across web, mobiles, and tabs.
  • Analytics. Management reports on space usage, occupancy, invoicing, payments, member behaviour, revenue, etc. that help you better understand and optimise your space.

Based on this feature list, the below mentioned are the top 10 workspace solutions for space providers that we have shortlisted.


White label software to manage your workspace with over 1,600 accounts to their credit so far.

  • Get a fully functional, open sourced, white-label website with your account.
  • Supports different pricing structures and renewal intervals.
  • Community building. Allows creating a directory for members to communicate their profile, product, and service.
  • Managing your email account. Each and every email from and to the members is properly recorded for easy retrieval.
  • Network Integration. By integrating your network with Nexudus, you can automatically check-in your members and know when and for how long they are in the space and automatically invoice different services.

2. Cobot.

Another top-notch white label workspace management software that has a presence in over 30 countries and serves spaces with over 60,000 members. An all in one tool to manage your space effortlessly and efficiently.

  • Personalise Cobot using their white label package.
  • A single dashboard for activities. Be on top of every aspect of your space, whether it is on-boarding new members or assigning plans.
  • With individual member dashboard, you can assess their profile, review space usage, view invoicing, booking, etc.
  • A single customised platform connecting your members where they can publish their profile and search and view profiles of other members in the space.
  • Automatic check-in of members when they connect to Wi-Fi or when they swipe in.
  • Availability of over a dozen add-ons.
  • Easily sync and export your data to the numerous third party applications for an efficient and smooth workflow.

3. Coworkify.

In their own words, Coworkify is a workspace management software following in the ways of an important Zen tenet, simplicity; the core aspect around which Coworkify is designed.

  • Supports multiple locations and multiple languages.
  • Members can sign up on the front-end website and register themselves.
  • Email invitation to prospective members directly from your admin screen. The new members can sign up through the unique link set in the email.
  • Send invoice via email at a determined date and time.
  • Allows guest invoicing without creating a membership account.
  • Secure communication between your browser and Coworkify through encrypted secure socket layer (SSL).
  • Software hosting servers located at multiple points for a faster response time.

4. ShareDesk Optix.

Optix is a technology platform for coworking space management that upgrades your present workplace environment into an effective and productive one. Has a simple integrated dashboard and comes with a mobile-first experience.

  • Synchronised calendars to allow members to view real-time space availability.
  • Optix’s CRM and member support allows you to remain in constant touch with your members, view their activities, and their history.
  • Integrate all your important apps to the single Optix dashboard. Allows for over 500 integrations.


A white label tool that enables you to build a technology platform which can be fully integrated into your website.

  •’s cross-selling features allow you to prop up additional services like catering, photocopying, consulting, etc. to members and prospective members when they are booking space online.
  • Their REST APIs enable you to integrate your connected objects to
  • CoWork is integrated with a marketplace to allow members in your space to sell their services and products to other members using your platform.
  •, in partnership with business intelligence “BIME SaaS solutions,” allows you to access advanced performance indicators and interactive dashboards integrated directly into
  • The integration of solution “Kisi” into this tool allows a member to automatically receive the digital access key on his smartphone to the space he has booked.

6. HappyDesk.

HappyDesk is a highly spoken enterprise management software for coworking space providers. Some of the special features offered by this platform are:

  • Electronic proposal: On demand secure digital transfer with a digital signature.
  • Marketplace integration for lead generation, nurturing and conversion.
  • Secured physical space access.WiFi and voice platform restricts access.
  • Controlled access to WiFi and network. The WiFi engages the moment space is booked.

7. Dovetail.

Dovetail is a relatively new member management software for coworking spaces. The big advantage is that it is free till the time Dovetail collects feedback and launches their paid version with additional features.

  • Dovetail, at present, supports members on-boarding, billing and payments, some analytics and multi-location spaces.
  • Everything is free for now with no restriction on member or admin numbers.
  • Their paid version, when rolled out, will bill you a flat monthly charge and wouldn’t be linked to the community size.
  • Dovetail uses secure 256-bit SSL encryption and Linode SSD servers for data safety.

8. Skedda.

Skedda is a cloud-based solution to simplify everyday booking complexities and manage your workspace.

  • Skedda booking calendar feature provides you with a complete overview of your space usage. The drag and drop functionality allows you to easily move booking around and make adjustments as needed.
  • Supports integration with Google Calendar and other iCal compatible apps to power up your space planning.
  • Their user management feature lets you classify your members into groups for custom pricing, discounts, booking behaviour, etc.

9. Office R&D.

A coworking and shared workspace platform for member management, invoicing, space booking, occupancy, etc.

  • Lets you streamline your accounting process with their Xero and QuickBooks Online integrations.
  • Connects your members through Kisi and Salto integrations to door access and security system.
  • WiFi control and management through Medusa / McCloud.

10. Occupie from Essensys.

Occupie from Essensys is a workspace management solution that delivers a seamless membership experience through a single interface for automating provisioning, administration and accounting, and networking and support.

  • Lead management and marketing automation system: Ensures you can generate, capture, nurture and convert leads from your own website.
  • Self-service platform: Timely promoting of relevant offers through trigger-based notifications encourages members to opt for these offers.
  • Their social platform provides a robust entrepreneurial environment by allowing members within a space to interact, collaborate and network among themselves.
  • 24 X 7 network monitoring and online support to ensure performance and availability and a dedicated backup solution to safeguard against downtime risks.

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