The Coworking Space Bangalore Startups Need For Scaling Fast

One of the things we do to improve our coworking space in Bangalore is to get regular feedback from coworkers. It’s not a feedback form, but actual conversation with coworkers that tells us what they like, what irks them, and what would really help them grow their business. The one thing that keeps coming up repeatedly in these conversations is the ability to scale fast as needed to match business growth.

That’s why we’re trying to be the coworking space Bangalore startups need for scaling fast, by adding more flexible package plans, features and facilities. Allow me to explain how highly flexible coworking options can help startups grow fast while saving on the costs.

No Scaling Barriers For Coworking Space Bangalore Startups

The location, size and type of business space you choose has a big impact not just on your immediate success, but also on long-term growth.

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For example, a new startup that rents a small shop in the suburbs for a year may shell out Rs. 1 lakh as deposit and pay Rs. 10,000 as monthly rental. You have locked Rs. 2.2 lakh for a year, and you can’t pick up your stuff and move elsewhere halfway through.

Furthermore, your typical bootstrapped startup will still not have the funding needed to get a bigger place in a better location at the end of the year, so you continue for another year and you’re locked in again. The end result is that you can’t grow fast, even though your business may have the potential to grow, and you’re working very hard, going around all over Bangalore every day, to reach customers and sign them up.

You know it would be so much easier if you had a nice big office with a reception and conference room to meet and impress clients close to the industrial areas and high tech hubs in Bangalore such as Whitefield and EPIP Zone. But you’re on the outside looking in, and wondering how many years you have to struggle in the wilderness before you generate enough revenue to afford that nice office.

Why Bangalore Startups Need Scalable Coworking Space

Even without this added focus on scalability, coworking is still a pretty flexible option. This post on coworking costs clearly shows that you can save more than 40% on the aforementioned Rs. 10,000 per month rental in Bangalore even if you work all day long, 5 days/week in a coworking space.

But that’s just the small tip of the cost savings possible. The real savings in office rental costs come when you start using our coworking facilities only as and when needeed.

For example, here’s the typical schedule of a new startup:

Monday – Morning desk work; afternoon visit to client.

Tuesday – All day desk work.

Wednesday – All day desk work.

Thursday – All day desk work.

Friday – Morning desk work; afternoon visit to client.

So, you need a full-day pass for three days, and desk space for four hours on Mondays and Fridays. This is no doubt less expensive than 5 full-day passes. But the schedule above won’t work once your startup takes off and you start getting leads and clients. Maybe you have a couple of employees, and a few dozen clients. You’re not on your desk that much now, but now you need meeting space and board rooms.

So this would be your new schedule:

Monday – Morning meetings with staff; afternoon visits to clients.

Tuesday – Morning desk work; afternoon meeting with client.

Wednesday – All day online desk work.

Thursday – Morning desk work; afternoon meeting with client.

Friday – Morning meetings with staff; afternoon visits to clients

So now if you need less desk space and more time in the meeting room, that’s fine by us. The Evoma coworking space will charge you for 4 meetings, 1 full-day pass, and 8 hours of desk space.

This essentially means that you can manage your startup growth and scale instantly without having to relocate to a bigger space, disrupt your business, and add a significant amount to your overheads.

Also, consider what happens if there’s a business slowdown. You lose clients, you don’t have that much work, and you’re still paying huge office costs because you scaled up when the future looked bright. But if you’re in a coworking space, you can simply go back to your old schedule of using desks as needed, and wait for the right time to expand again. No worries about how to meet costs and overheads without sufficient revenues.

In summary, coworking space is a safe and affordable option for Bangalore startups who want to grow fast without any investment in office space.

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