The Connection Between Startup Growth and Your Office Space

evomaWe work with hundreds of startups, SMEs and consultants who are located at Evoma’s business centers across Bangalore, mentoring them, helping them raise funding, providing food and beverages, connections to buyers, various business support services, meeting and conference rooms, board rooms, reception desk, lounge for meeting clients, and…office space.

There’s a reason office space is mentioned last – startups looking for office space aren’t really looking for space.

What they really need is growth and success, which translates into operational support, services, connections and people who will propel them forward towards these goals.

Let’s start this on a broad note. Why Bangalore?

  • 1,800 to 2,300 active startups
  • On the list of world’s 20 best startup ecosystems.
  • Startup ecoystem valued at $19 billion.
  • 45 percent of Bangalore startup founders have at least 2 years of work experience in a startup.

Now that we’re clear about why you want your startup to be located in Bangalore, let’s move forward to where in Bangalore.

Evoma startup office space

Take a look at our research data on the cost of office space in different areas across the city.

You can go straight to the cheapest areas, but is that going to help your startup or SME succeed and grow? If you move into a shop or commercial space which is not open after 10 pm, are you going to be able to do all the work you need to do? If there’s no food and drinks in the building or restaurants nearby, will you be wasting a couple of hours for lunch every day? Are you comfortable calling your clients to your office for a meeting?

There are many such questions that all add up into one result – your startup succeeds and grows in a good location where you have all these facilities.

Shekhar Sahu, Cofounder, HealthcareMagic: “We used to literally lie here in Evoma…means all day, all night. Actually in 2008, we…me, Nitesh, our tech team, we have done more than 120 nightouts here in Evoma itself. And the good thing was that Evoma had all the facilities, so we did not have to break our head and going for internet connection or anything. Coffee and tea was available all the night.”

Zal Dastur, Lucep: “So we’ve been in EVOMA for about 2 years now, and in that time, we’ve found the facility to be the best in class here in Bangalore. in terms of what the serviced offices offer for a collaborative work space, we meet lots of interesting startups and new companies around in the area. They provide us with all the infrastructure and requirements that we need, so that my team doesn’t have to stress and worry about how to manage and get furniture and internet lines and any of this sort of stuff and it just let’s us sit down and get our work done. The grounds are beautiful, which allow us to do breakout sessions and brainstorming. They even have a pool, but, you know, we keep our team working too hard for them to have a chance to enjoy that. Yeah, and the food here is top-notch as well. We eat downstairs everyday at their restaurant and that you know, gives you both the tasty as well as the healthy options.”

Somasundaram, iKaaz Mobile Payments: “The quality of service has been always good. The premises well maintained. I am very comfortable calling my clients to Evoma because of the good ambience. The support services have been always good. Never thought about moving out. We kept taking more space when we grew.”

Ashok Vohra, Founder, Evoma: “What we started to look at, what did the industry – especially the SME, which is the largest sector in any country globally – what did they actually want? And that’s when we started to understand that maybe just providing a seat, be it coworking or a serviced office, was not exactly what the SME community was looking for.”

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