Four Essential B2B Apps to Increase Sales

If you want to make B2B sales easier, then there’s an app for that. The apps listed below are essential B2B apps that will help you increase sales with better lead response, customer engagement, personalisation, and gamification to motivate your sales team. There’s also one very special app that will teach you how to get started with online marketing in easy steps.

1. Consensus personalised video demos for B2B sales.

Consensus provides you with a personalized video demo for each new prospect. Also, while providing this demonstration to your visitors, it discovers their unique interest and educates them in a personalised way. You can also explore the heat maps and viewer statistics.

Solution provided by Consensus:

  • Personalised documents and video engages viewers and communicates the message in a relevant way.
  • Helps you analyze who is involved and identify their interest points before meeting them.
  • They also provide email, sales, and marketing technology integration.

Pricing of Consensus: To get your best price you have to go through their demo automation pricing video and answer the questions for them to understand you better.

2. Lucep callback tool for talking to website leads.

Lucep is an AI-powered instant click to call back tool and mobile app that connects the lead generated from your website directly to your sales team in less than 60 seconds. The Lucep widget goes on your website.

Lucep B2B sales app

When someone enters their name and number and requests a callback, the right member of your sales team who is available gets an instant notification on the installed Lucep mobile app. If you want to talk to the customer right away, the app will connect you right away to the website visitor.

Along with the contact information, you also get lead analytics like the number of times the person visited your website, which pages they visited; and the duration of their stay on your website.

Solution provided by Lucep Pte Ltd:

  • Instant notification once the lead is generated.
  • Segmented analytics by region, product, division or any other measure.
  • Immediate ‘click-to-call’ capabilities to reduce hassle.

Pricing of Lucep: See pricing. They have a free trial.

3.Bunchball Nitro gamification to motivate your sales team.

Bunchball Nitro promises to provide the most advanced gamification engine inside Sales Cloud to motivate employees to sell more. It offers challenges, levels, status, team competitions, leader boards, and rewards to make Salesforce (or other systems, such as IBM Connections, Jive, and NICE Systems) more engaging and rewarding for your sales and service teams, which, in turn, results in increased sales and profits.

Bunchball Nitro app on Salesforce Appexchange

Solution provided by Nitro:

  • Energized sales team because of a fun filled system.
  • Rewards and points maximize the ROI.
  • Complex environment customizable and automated.

Pricing of Nitro: Pricing is not fixed and depends upon your requirement.

4. Google Primer to learn digital marketing in fast and easy steps.

Primer is one of the learning apps in the family of Google Learn Apps. It’s an easy way for new entrepreneurs and small businesses to pick up digital marketing and other business skills. The app will teach you the tasks associated with each activity in easy bite-sized steps.

Google Primer app

Solution provided by Google Learn Apps:

  • Lessons grouped in curated sets;
  • Find lessons by author, title or topic;
  • Track your progress – personalized steps you take as you learn are saved.

Pricing of Primer: Free.

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