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We have a dozen Bangalore event venues of different capacities, for corporate as well as family events, that bring hundreds of people to Evoma every day.

In order to go off smoothly, each event has to be planned far ahead of time. Everything from the parking to security, catering and seating arrangements need to be carefully managed to optimize use of event space and convenience of attendees.

We work with event managers and corporate executives of the largest multi-nationals as well as domestic firms located in Bangalore and India, so I want to share some of the tools and software they use.

event management software

To create and manage beautiful and memorable events, make use of these event management software for planning, automating tasks, and collection of feedback for post-event analysis and reports.

1. Bizzabo for real-time event management.

Bizzabo Events Cloud is the 21st century version of event management software used by companies such as KPMG, GE and Amazon. You can build event marketing programs, provide a brand experience online, manage event registration, and create communities.

Integrate Bizzabo with all your existing software and systems, including CRMs such as Salesforce and Hubspot, and your sales and marketing platforms such as Pardot and Marketo. Real-time reporting to monitor the metrics, and performance-evaluation based on these reports and your pre-set goals.

In fact, you can monitor attendee behavior and make real-time tweaks that will improve the event experience for your attendees. Find out more at bizzabo.com.

2. Eventbrite to target world’s largest event community.

Eventbrite is the world’s largest online event community, powering ticketing and registration for millions of events. There are hundreds of thousands of event organizers already on the platform, who can quickly and easily create an event page and start inviting people.

It makes event marketing ridiculously easy. You can create an event and start selling tickets in minutes, and reach Eventbrite’s 50 million active ticket buyers. It has built-in event promotion and social sharing tools, and you can use their integration to invite attendees and/or sell tickets on your website or on Facebook.

You can create a 100% mobile optimized event page, and use the Eventbrite mobile app to scan and sell tickets, and track entry, in real-time. Find out more at eventbrite.com.

3. OSEM for free open source event management software.

This free and open-source software allows you to modify the source code to customize as per your event requirements. Create a splash page, plus detailed presentations and an overview of all the sessions. Run a call for paper submissions, manage registration, and a dashboard to help you stay on top of event administration. Find out more at osem.io.

4. Cvent for MICE event management.

Cvent is a meetings, events and hospitality technology provider that serves over 25,000 customers over more than 300,000 users from all over the world. Cvent Event Cloud is a popular event management software used widely in the hospitality sector by MICE providers, including event venues and management companies.

Cvent vastly simplifies and automates the entire event planning process. You can make use of their tools for everything from venue selection to online event registration, marketing, and mobile apps for events. Make use of attendee tracking and feedback features to generate reports and analysis, and to judge how successful the event was as per your stated goals. Find out more at cvent.com.

5. Zoho Backstage for large-scale meetings and events.

Whether it’s a product launch, trade show or convention, Zoho Backstage makes it easy to manage these large-scale events. Customize a unique event website with its own domain and secure SSL certification, add customizable banner ads for promotion, and use the drag and drop interface to create a detailed schedule.

Make the event website available in multiple languages, and use powerful sharing features to reach your targeted event audience on social media. Everything from event registration to ticketing and event promotion can be managed and scaled for events of varying size. Find out more at zoho.com.

6. Events Manager plugin for WordPress.

Events Manager is a full-featured WordPress plugin that allows you to create customer post types for events and locations. Features include easy event management, registration, creation of multiple tickets, bookings management, multisite support, guest or member content submissions, setting of custom event attributes such as a dress code, integration of Google calendar buttons, customizable templates, etc. Find out more on wordpress.org.

7. Slack apps for event management.

You’re probably already slacking off at work, so all you have to do is start making use of the Slack Eventbot Calendar. You can create events directly in Slack. Every channel has its own event calendar (just type /events to get a list of events that have been posted on the channel). Eventbot will remind the channel, and you can see a weekly summary of upcoming events.

You can also add a slack app for event management to your channel such as Wrike, Eventzilla, or Attendease. Slack is a very useful platform for team communication and collaboration, but it becomes extremely powerful when you integrate apps that allow you to stay within slack while doing your job. Find out more on slack.com.

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