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At the Evoma coworking space in Bangalore, we go by our motto of “Why work when you can cowork.” But if you’re wondering why cowork, the answer is laid out clearly in the coworking trends and statistics infographic below.  

Evoma coworking space infographic, statistics and trendsCoworking Space Trends

There were just three coworking spaces back in 2005. The count had grown to 7,800 two years ago, and now stands at 13,800. The number of coworking spaces worldwide keeps doubling every year, and is predicted to reach 37,000 by 2018.

Coworking Statistics

According to Deskmag’s annual Global Coworking Survey, 71% of respondents described feeling more creative since joining a coworking space, and 62% said their work had improved. (Source – Deskmag)

40% of the workforce will be freelancers, independent contractors, and solopreneurs by 2020 (Source – Forbes)

This statistic shows the number of people working in coworking spaces worldwide from 2010 to 2015. In 2015, there were approximately 510,000 people working in coworking spaces worldwide. (Source – Statista)

The number of global coworking members to increase from about 976,000 in 2016 to just over 3.8 million in 2020. (Source – Smallbizlabs)

62% of all coworking owners this year reported wanting to expand their spaces, showing a slight increase from the 59% as reported by the survey results from previous years. (Source – Deskmag)

How coworking spaces are making profits:
Desks- 61%
Meeting Spaces – 10%
Event Spaces –  9%
Food & beverages- 5 %
Tickets for events – 4%
Virtual Offices -3%
Others – 8% (Source – Officentric)

90% of respondents said they felt more confident when coworking. (Source – Forbes)

Detaching from the formal business environment as well as reducing the commute time increases employees’ satisfaction with 65%.  (Source – Coworking London)

This statistic shows the anticipated change in the number of members in coworking spaces. During the survey, 34 percent of the respondents stated that they anticipated much more members in their coworking space this year than the previous one. (Source – Statista)

For spaces that have 50 or more members, the likeliness of expansion is 25% greater than those who have 24 members or less. (Source – Deskmag)

A business could save up to 75% in total costs by opting for a communal office space. (Source – nerdwallet)

During this survey, 36 percent of the respondents stated that lack of workspace is very seldom, or never, a problem in their coworking space. (Source – Statista)

At $255 per square foot, Hong Kong’s office space market is at least $100 more expensive than New York’s and almost three times pricier than Singapore’s.  (Source – Knight Frank)

What changes once you start coworking:
Social Circle – 92%
Less Isolated – 86%
Business Network – 80%
Productivity – 75 %
Private life – 60%
Income – 38% (Source – Officentric)

87% of coworking respondents report expectations of growing their memberships, while 82% anticipate increased revenue. (Source – Deskmag)

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