25 Team Building Exercises for Corporate Retreats

As a corporate retreat in Bangalore, we host companies and their staff virtually every day for meetings and conferences, training sessions, induction programs for new employees, and team building exercises that combine business with leisure.    

teamwork team building exercise 23We’ve learnt from all these clients that team building activities must not only be educational, but also entertaining. 

Team building helps your teams learn about each other, how each person thinks, works, solves problems, and their habits, quirks and personalities.

Make use of these 25 easy team building exercises that will certainly enhance team spirit and can be easily incorporated at your next group retreat. The table provides a summary of each of the 25 exercises, and a pdf download link for each one that provides step-by-step instructions on how to carry out that exercise. 

25 Team Building Exercises (free pdf downloads)

1. End to End drawing – This activity serves as an icebreaker, and also helps in improving the art of clear communication between team mates.

Download this exercise as pdf – End to end drawing 

end to end drawing team building exercise 1

2. Office Ins and Outs – Simple questions about the day to day office space used by your team helps enhance their powers of observation.

Download this exercise as pdf – Office ins and outs

 office ins outs team building exercise

3. Neighbourhood Service – Volunteering as a group and working for helping make your society a better place helps team members bond with themselves, and also with the community as a whole.

Download this exercise as pdf – Neighborhood Service

 neighbourhood service team building exercise 3

4. Abandoned – Getting trapped in a room and finding essential stuff necessary for survival is the activity. Helps members improve communication skills.

Download this exercise as pdf – Abandoned

 abandoned team building exercise 4

5. Two truths and which lie – This game improves communication and getting to know each other better.

Download this exercise as pdf – Two Truths and which Lie

2 truths which lie team building exercise 5

6. Shrinking Space – This activity is fun as well as makes team members realize the importance of adapting to conditions and different kinds of evolving situations.

Download this exercise as pdf – A Shrinking Space

 shrinking space team building exercise 6

7. Scavenger Hunt – Finding treasures as a team will help your employees work together and be creative. Besides, it’s great fun to do this at corporate retreats.

Download this exercise as pdf – Scavenger Hunt


 scavenger hunt team building exercise 7

8. Find an escape – This exercise helps teams collaborate and solve the mystery together in order to pull off an escape.

Download this exercise as pdf – Find an escape

 find an escape team building exercise 8

9. Guess my name – This is a great icebreaker exercise which helps your team get to know each other better.

Download this exercise as pdf – Guess my Name

guess my name team building exercise 9 

10. Minefield Escape – This activity helps members build trust and also learn how to communicate clearly.

Download this exercise as pdf – Minefield Escape

 minefield escape team building exercise 10

11. Dumbest Idea first- Listen to the dumb ideas each of your team members has. Who knows? An innovative idea may be born right then and there.

Download this exercise as pdf – Dumbest Idea First

 dumbest idea first team building exercise 11

12. Design new Company Logo – Designing a new logo will help your members think of the company goals and values, and understand the mission and brand value, instead of just the product.

Download this exercise as pdf – Design New Team Logo

 design new logo team building exercise 12

13. Whose fact is it anyways? – This fun activity again makes each member know more about others. It will help build up good relationship among teams.

Download this exercise as pdf – Whose Fact Is It Anyway

 whose fact is it anyway team building exercise 13

14. Count till 20 – This game seems super easy, but the twists come fast and furious. This team building exercise shows the importance of teamwork and coordination in the simplest way possible.

Download this exercise as pdf – Count till 20

 count till 20 team building exercise 14

15. Sing Off- This team exercise helps reveal the inner talent of team members, enabling them to bond and coordinate together.

Download this exercise as pdf – Sing Off

 sing off team building exercise 15

16. What Changed – This exercise helps in demonstrating the importance of an eagle eye for details and your team’s powers of observation.

Download this exercise as pdf – What changed

what changed eagle eye team building exercise 16

17. Egg drop safe – This popular exercise makes teams work together to come up with and implement a winning solution.

Download this exercise as pdf – Egg Drop Safe

 egg drop safe team building exercise 17

18. Lip Sing Battle – This famous game is good for groups of any kind. By bringing out the hidden singer in every person, this will help everyone have a good laugh and bond.

Download this exercise as pdf – Lip Sing Battle

 lip sing battle team building exercise 18

19. Game of Potential – This exercise will help members become a little more innovative and think of crazy and fun ideas.

Download this exercise as pdf – Game of Potential

 game of potential team building exercise 19

20. Winner / Loser – This exercise will help people find the positives in tough situations, and learn from them.

Download this exercise as pdf – Winner Loser

 winner loser team building exercise 20

21. The trade puzzle – The puzzle game made a little more interesting for team building helps in enhancing leadership skills and problem solving attitudes.

Download this exercise as pdf – The Trade Puzzle

 trade puzzle team building exercise 21

22. Name that – Fun game of charades for groups. Helps members realize the importance of teamwork.

Download this exercise as pdf – Name That

 charades name that team building exercise 22

23. Longer Tower – This card game will help increase creativity and team bonding.

Download this exercise as pdf – Longer Tower

 teamwork team building exercise 23

24. Sneak a Peek – This exercise helps in enhancing observation and communication skills together.

Download this exercise as pdf – Sneak a Peek

 sneak peek team building exercise 24

25. Human Knot – This fun game helps in building team bonding and opens up channels of communication that enable the team to develop quick solutions.

Download this exercise as pdf – Human Knot

human knot team building exercise 25

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