What is Entrepreneurship and should you be doing it?

What is Entrepreneurship and should you be doing it?

Entrepreneurship is the behavior of starting your own business instead of working for someone else. It depends on your own interest to take risks, develop, form, manage and grow a business. This role refers to the act of bringing up a new business idea and taking the whole responsibility to lead the business when there is a success or failure.

An entrepreneur might be the boss or chief executive of any kind of small or large business. There are various forms of entrepreneurships like Social, Serial, Lifestyle and Business. To be a great business leader, you should have basic principles and characteristics. Test yourself for the characteristics or factors that you want to have to be an entrepreneur and why you should be doing it.

What is Entrepreneurship

The factors you should follow to be an Entrepreneur

The Passion and vision are the key to success. Loving what you do is rudimentary to the development of your business. While just passion and vision will not suffice as someone might be embarking on the journey for the first time, it is imperative to be the domain expert or have the applicable skills as the leader of your business for e.g. Successful entrepreneurs need to be as someone might be embarking on the journey for the first time. Seek help from like minded people and predecessors.

Take small steps at a time. Reward on the lines of plan, strategy and execution. Watch out and brace yourself for pitfalls. Should have the ability to learn from mistakes, re-adapt re-align and move on quickly. You may have a great business plan and you may be confident with your plan. Communication is the very effective tool to engage with your executives internally and  As an entrepreneur, you should ensure that you can invest by finding capital investors for your business and there are many ways  to start a business without money.


Maintain a high level of work ethics, develop people management skills to create a fun and stimulating work environment for your employee. Being an entrepreneur, you should be able to organize and manage your own tasks. There are a lot of tools which can also help you do so. The tools are

  • Centrallo
  • Easynote.io
  • Meister Task
  • Pintask
  • Todo Cloud
  • Todoist
  • TrackingTime
  • Trello
  • Wrike

In case, if you want to start a mobile application and development firm, you should have enough knowledge in application development, mobile technology and mobile app marketing. Your business might need more people.

Here are some pointers which can help you hire the right candidate for the role:

  • Put better job descriptions
  • Plan Your employee recruiting strategy
  • Use a checklist
  • Concentrate on soft skills
  • Review applications and credentials
  • Fix the personality to the job
  • Screen your candidates
  • Ask right type of questions
  • Allow candidates question you
  • Check their references and backgrounds

The risk you take would be measured by the amount of money and time you invest in your business. The result or reward of your business depends on how much risk you take and what kind of effort you put in your business. Try to engage with people, customers, meetings and associations as this would help you to have a network to make your business successful.
If you want experience the above mentioned characteristics as a business head, attend a few start-up workshops, seminars and networking events. Experience and enjoy your role to be an Entrepreneur.

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