Conference Meetings and Event Planning Checklist

Evoma being a venue provider for all kinds of corporate meetings, conferences, training sessions and events, we follow a strict protocol for hosting events exactly per the client’s needs. We work with MICE executives as well as event managers to organize and run a flawless event…

 October 21, 2017  Dolly

How to Improve SME business process efficiency

As the CEO, owner, executive or stakeholder, you want to try and run a business as smoothly and efficiently as possible. In order to do this, an SME needs to follow certain best practices in every business process you have in your workflow. You don’t have to…

 October 18, 2017  Dolly

What is a Lean Startup?

All startups are experiments in the first place, without any certainty of what’s going to happen. What is the business model? Is there a proof of concept or minimum viable product? Do you have a prototype, a plan for commercialisation? Is there a market for your product or solution? Do you have, or plan to raise, enough seed funding needed to get through the early stage?

 October 13, 2017  Dolly

Software to Increase Startup Revenue by 277%

As a startup, your primary concern is to start generating revenue and steadily grow it. All the hundreds of startup founders located at all the Evoma Business Centers in Bangalore, aided by their capable teams, work harder than most corporate executives. But that doesn’t necessarily ensure success. Neither does chasing more and…

 October 9, 2017  Dolly

Inside Sales Tools for SaaS Founders

This guide on inside sales tools for SaaS founders, originally published on ProductNation, was written by Neel Padmanabhan, Global Client Partner, Enterprise Business and GM India, Lucep. We want to share with all you SaaS founders the valuable information and tools listed in this post, which takes you through the flow of the entire inside sales process. You’ll find tips and inside sales tools for everything from content creation to…

 October 7, 2017  Dolly

Biz Summit 01 for Startups and SMEs at Evoma KR Puram

Yomillio Startups Club Biz Summit at Evoma

Evoma is hosting a free event for startups and businesses in the 0-6 year growth stage on Nov 4, 2017, at Evoma OMR, KR Puram, Bangalore. The event, Biz Summit 1, will bring entrepreneurs, startups and businesses together with investors, enablers and innovators to provide the infrastructure, funding, sales, branding and networking support needed for growth.

 September 30, 2017  Dolly

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