Office Space Ideas to Increase Employee Satisfaction

As a provider of serviced offices, one of our daily tasks is to customize the furnished office space rented by our clients. We provide a default arrangement for all of the hundreds of rooms and spaces located in our business centers, but many businesses ask us to move things around to match their needs. This experience has taught us to anticipate what kind of office space setup a particular…

 April 6, 2018  Dolly

Data Security in the Time of Facebook and Cambridge Analytica

This is not yet another post about Facebook’s privacy woes, thanks to British data mining and consulting firm Cambridge Analytica’s lack of ethics and morality. I just want to take this opportunity to highlight the need for better data security, especially by business owners who have customer data on their phones, and might unknowingly be sharing it with these apps and tools.

 March 28, 2018  Dolly

Office Furniture that Makes Your Work Space Speak

We have 4 business centers in Bangalore, each with hundreds of offices. Each of these offices is filled with office furniture. Then there’s the meeting rooms, board rooms, coworking spaces, and other business center facilities, also filled with furniture. The point is that we know how good office furniture can make your work space speak – on behalf of CEOs and employees, and to your business partners and customers.

 March 21, 2018  Dolly

What to do at your Next Dealer Meet – Train, Motivate, Reward

Evoma OMR is a luxury business hotel and business center that provides serviced offices, meeting rooms, boardrooms, training and other corporate event venues, all under one roof, in the same location. This makes it an ideal venue for dealer meets, where all your dealers come together to listen, learn, share, and enjoy the pleasure of being part of your sales network.  

 March 14, 2018  Dolly

Types of Seating Arrangements for Events, From Classroom to Boardroom

One of the hallmarks of a successful event is the seating arrangement, the view that participants have. If all your attendees have a clear view of the speaker, stage or spotlight area, they’ll be more likely to feel like they got to see and hear something worthwhile.   By the same token, the speakers on stage have to get a clear line of sight that takes in the entire audience…

 March 7, 2018  Dolly

History of Women’s Day, and What it Means for Women Entrepreneurs

International Women’s Day is celebrated every year on March 8. It’s a global event with the UN setting an annual theme. There is no single organization or group that controls or manages the celebration or activities to be held. So what is it about? Let’s take a look at the significance of this day – the…

 February 26, 2018  Dolly