Interview Preparation Tips for Employers

In the previous post, we looked at how to conduct new employee induction programs. In this post, I want to take a step back and look at all the ways in which employers can prepare to make a round of interviews a big success. In addition to being a Bangalore event venue for conferences, meetings and training sessions, Evoma also provides interview rooms for recruitment drives by corporate customers and…

 August 6, 2018  Dolly

Conducting Employee Induction Programs for Small Businesses

We’re in the business of providing event space for training sessions and employee induction programs in Bangalore. Our clients design, organize and conduct their own induction programs. Evoma Induction spaces. Call now: +918041903000 Looking for Training Venues in Bangalore? Fill in the form below to get a quote. However, based on our experience…

 July 28, 2018  Dolly

The Business of Office Improvement

Your typical office-goer works 8 hours a day, five days a week. That’s 40 hours per week, which is 160 hours a month, or 1,920 hours a year. If you’re in the workforce for 40 years, that’s 3,200 days of your life, or just over 8 years. Why would you spend 8 years of your life in a place you don’t like to be in, counting the seconds? At Evoma,…

 July 5, 2018  Dolly

Real Estate Agents and Brokers in Bangalore

Evoma is planning the launch of a Partners program and a business support program, under which companies located in one of our business centers in Bangalore will be given priority access to strategic and value-added services provided by partners. One of the areas for which we’re seeking partners is real estate. We’d like to work with you, so please fill in the…

 June 24, 2018  Dolly

Food Delivery Startups Making Home Meals More Tasty

Food delivery startups are the “in” thing these days, and Evoma happens to be a hospitality company with an established daily meal delivery and catering business in Bangalore.   We also have hundreds of startup founders and their employees having buffet lunch downstairs everyday here at Evoma OMR. In this post, I want to explore how innovative food delivery…

 June 16, 2018  Dolly

Office Space for Aeronautical and Automotive Clusters

Our business centers in Bangalore house hundreds of companies from all the major industries and clusters. It shows that the city’s economy is not just based on IT services and tech or Internet startups. To showcase this diversity, we’re highlighting the vibrant local economies and supply chain clusters that thrive in the vicinity of our business centers. It’s important for us, because it’s these suppliers (the…

 June 8, 2018  Dolly