What is an LLP? How to Register LLP Online in India

A Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is a business structure that offers the partners corporate protections against liability, while still allowing them the freedom and flexibility to manage the business on the basis of personal agreements between the partners. Want flexible office space for business? Get an Office at Evoma. Call 080 41903000 Unlike a sole proprietorship, each partner in an LLP has…

 March 18, 2017  Dolly

Evoma Startup Success Story – Telemedicine Company HealthcareMagic

As part of a series of startup success story episodes featuring Evoma members, we are today talking to Shekhar Sahu, angel investor and cofounder of HealthcareMagic. The goal here is to seek tips, best practices and inspiration from our most successful startups and entrepreneurs, and share these startup success secrets with all of you. Evoma is especially proud of the success that HealthcareMagic and its cofounders…

 March 13, 2017  Dolly

Types of Business Insurance for SMEs and Startups in India

SMEs and startups in India are globally competitive and lead the way in implementing best practices in most areas. But business insurance is one area where penetration has been slow. Business owners and startup founders are still largely unaware of the types of business insurance policies and packages available for SMEs and startups in India. What’s worrying is that a business…

 March 10, 2017  Dolly

How to Start and Register Sole Proprietorship Business in India

There is no government registration needed in order to start a sole proprietorship business in India. You don’t have to go to an online registration portal and fill up a form or submit any documents. However, you do need to open a current account with a bank in the name of the business. A current account in turn requires that you have…

 March 4, 2017  Dolly

What Are Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights and IP Rights? How to File, Application Forms, Fees and Tips

One of the things that many people neglect after starting a business is to file applications for patents, trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual property rights. These are your intangible but most important and valuable assets. Did you know that around 1.45 lakh patent applications have been filed in India over the last four years? But only 27% (39,318) of these were filed by Indian inventors and organisations….

 February 27, 2017  Dolly

Top 5 Tips to Expand Business Overseas

Deciding when to expand business overseas and go global is a bit daunting for startups and small businesses alike. International trade is important for growing your business, and you may be sorely tempted by the opportunities you can see in hot markets like the USA or China. But there are also risks involved in venturing abroad before you’re fully prepared. This…

 February 20, 2017  Dolly

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