SME Sector in India – Statistics, Trends, Reports

Ever since the onset of the financial crisis, the global economy has been struggling to revive itself and achieve a healthy growth rate. The global growth rate for last year and this year are projected at 3.40% and 3.80%. But compared to this, India’s GDP continues to grow at a fast pace, outstripping major world economies….

 September 28, 2017  Dolly

Government Incentives for Opening New Branch Offices

“Aircraft giant Boeing has added a new facility to its Engineering and Technology center in Bengaluru, nearly doubling its facility in India.” – The Hindu. The above news byte, taken in conjunction with the fact that this Boeing Engineering & Technology Center was opened earlier this year in January, gives you a fair idea of the business environment that exists in Bengaluru and India,…

 September 25, 2017  Dolly

Green Business Tips for SMEs – Ratings, Certification, Costs and Benefits

I’m not going to talk about the environment or the urgency of tackling the crisis of climate change and global warming. Instead, let’s take a look at the cost benefits of going green. To get more information about how an SME can go green, the types of ratings, certification costs, and the benefits and ROI, we had a chat with the Indian Green Business Council (IGBC). The green business tips…

 September 19, 2017  Dolly

How to open a branch office in India

If you’re a foreign entity considering entering the Indian market, you’ll be making an FDI investment. This means there is more assistance available to you (through Make in India, Invest India, etc.) than is to the usual domestic business firms trying to expand their operations across the country. The procedure for opening branch offices is also slightly different.

 September 15, 2017  Dolly

Low and Zero Interest Small Business Loans

The business mentors and financial industry experts we work with keep telling us that entrepreneurs and business owners should not spend any of the funds they raise while they’re still in the initial stages of starting a business. On the other hand, the experts also say that you should apply for loans when you don’t need it.

 September 9, 2017  Dolly

What is the Difference Between Startups and SMEs

Both startup founders and small business owners go through the same new business setup and growth curve in terms of investment and lack of a corporate structure. But their funding mechanisms are completely different, their route from idea to commercial operations is different, and their customer base is typically not the same either. 

 September 7, 2017  Dolly

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