Employee Engagement Tips Where Business meets Leisure

We have between 50-100 staff members working at any given time at the Evoma Hotel and OMR Business Center in KR Puram, Bangalore. This human resource is our key asset, more than the hotel, restaurants, office space and event venues all put together. How do you look after your human resources, and make sure they’re happy with their position and work environment?

 January 17, 2019  Dolly

Small business income guide – Pros and cons of salary vs profit

When you start a business, a key requirement for growth is that revenue be plowed right back into the books. The business, for its part, has to fulfill the need for a steady income befitting your lifestyle. It’s not easy to balance these opposing requirements, so you have to come up with a clear strategy for splitting revenue into expenses, debt repayment, investment and income.

 January 2, 2019  Dolly

Wedding Budget Statistics and Trends

Evoma is a Bangalore wedding venue with a hall, accommodations, catering, stage (mandap), lighting, flowers, seating, parking and all the other hundreds of minor details that you need to consider during wedding planning. The couples and families who come to Evoma to book their wedding hall ask us questions about all this and more. But the one thing that…

 December 18, 2018  Dolly

Types of Corporate Catering Arrangements

Our luxury Evoma Hotel in Bangalore is an event venue with a business hotel, ballroom, twelve indoor and outdoor event spaces, and four on-site restaurants. This attracts a regular flow of corporate events of all types and sizes, and our kitchen staff have their hands full running around trying to provide the high-end dining and catering services needed. These are…

 November 29, 2018  Dolly

Event management software for planning your events

We have a dozen Bangalore event venues of different capacities, for corporate as well as family events, that bring hundreds of people to Evoma every day. In order to go off smoothly, each event has to be planned far ahead of time. Everything from the parking to security, catering and seating arrangements need to be carefully managed to optimize use of event space and convenience of attendees. We work with event…

 October 30, 2018  Dolly

Startup Success Tips for Women Entrepreneurs

The odds of success as a startup or new small business are low enough as it is. Only half are still in business after five years, and 70-80% will be history within 10 years. If you’re a female-owned startup, then the numbers are even more dismal. What can you do to even these odds? You can start by doing all the usual things, but startups founded and run by women…

 September 22, 2018  Dolly