Evoma Mentor Board

Evoma is not just space for startups, SMEs and corporate branches to locate their offices. Together, all our members across all the Evoma Business Centres constitute a large and thriving ecosystem that helps all our members grow faster and become a success story.

One of the benefits you can expect as a member of the Evoma family is access to mentors and their expertise, contacts and most importantly – their interest in helping grow young startups and small businesses in Bengaluru.

The mentors you see below in this mentor board are successful business leaders, industry experts and investors who are here for you. If you need mentorship or any form of assistance in growing your business, let us know. We will connect you to the right expert who can provide you all the guidance, direction and contacts you need to succeed in your venture.

Dr. Anand Anandkumar

CEO & Founder – Bugworks

Apart from founding and leading Bugworks, Dr. Anandkumar is co-founder of EVA (Escape VelocityAccelerator) that supports healthcarestartups. Dr. Anandkumar is also a co-founder of the...
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AI Sales
Kaiesh Vohra

CEO & Cofounder – Lucep

In addition to founding and leading Lucep, Kaiesh Vohra is an expert in Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and robotics. He is also a sought-after public...
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Shekhar Sahu

Cofounder – HealthcareMagic

HealthcareMagic was launched in Dec 2007, cofounded by Kunal Sinha, Shekhar Sahu and Nitesh Pant. The company was acquired by Atlanta, GA-based EBix for $18.5...
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