Enjoy the thrill, freedom and flexibility of your own high-end Bangalore office space. It’s the pay as you go age of cloud computing, and that’s the way we compute coworking too. Smartwork @ Evoma, where you only pay for what you use, when you use it.

  • Need a desk and wi-fi to work for a few hours? Agile Workspaces.
  • Meeting with employees or customers? Meeting Rooms.
  • Freelancer or new startup working from home? Business Address.
  • Quiet space for inspiration or thinking? Library.
  • Privacy for a call? Telephone booths.
  • Need a break? Rooftop Cafeteria.
  • Need a breath of fresh air? Business Garden.
  • Networking @ Evoma

– Startup help? Meet the top tech startups already Smartworking @ Evoma.

– Grow your business with the top app developers, web designers, digital marketers and freelancers in Bangalore, all coworking with you at Evoma.

– Connect physically and virtually with SMEs from all over India looking for leads, partners, vendors and distributors.

Cowork, smart work, and network @ Evoma.

Call us +91 80 41903000

Visit us: 88, Borewell Road, Opp. Whitefield Post Office, Bangalore, 560066

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coworking community

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Studies Highlight Community as Secret of Cowork Success

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Six Desired Features in Coworking Space for Startups

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Coworking Trends and Statistics Infographic

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