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Top 10 Workspace Solutions for Space Providers

Evoma has 4 large business centers in Bangalore offering shared office spaces for hundreds of member companies, along with one coworking space in Whitefield. It’s impossible to manually manage all the facilities and services being provided to our members across these multiple locations. A lot of…

 May 19, 2017  Dolly

4 Tech Tools to Manage Board Meetings

Managing a board of directors and your board meetings is not that easy as it sounds, especially if the board members and support staff are frequent flyers traveling all over the globe on any given day. At the very least, they’re sure to be very…

 May 13, 2017  Dolly

Govt. of Karnataka Venture Capital Funding For Startups and MSMEs

As a business center and office space provider in Bangalore, we provide all kinds of business support services for our new and growing startups and MSME units. One of these support services is to advise and guide startup founders and business owners about how to raise…

 April 29, 2017  Dolly

Incubation Tips on How to Grow a Startup

As one of the leading office space providers in Bangalore, Evoma constantly works with hundreds of startups, helping them find solutions to all their needs and challenges. We have found that it makes more business sense to provide the full suite of business support services to help startups…

 April 17, 2017  Dolly

7 Steps to Create Successful Training and Development Programs

A study conducted by the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) notes that companies offering comprehensive training programs have 218% more income per employee. On the other hand, a full 40% of employees who receive poor job training leave their positions within the first year.

 April 8, 2017  Dolly

Coworking India Spaces Grow Fast to Keep Pace With Startup Boom

coworking community at Evoma Bangalore

The Indian growth story is happening, and happening big. Whether it is FDI inflow or GDP or the number of new businesses being launched every year, all the benchmarks are pointing towards huge economic growth for India in this decade. Startups, MSMEs…

 April 1, 2017  Dolly

Evoma Startup Success Story – Telemedicine Company HealthcareMagic

As part of a series of startup success story episodes featuring Evoma members, we are today talking to Shekhar Sahu, angel investor and cofounder of HealthcareMagic. The goal here is to seek tips, best practices and inspiration from our most successful startups and entrepreneurs, and share these startup success secrets with all of you. Evoma is…

 March 13, 2017  Dolly

Top 5 Tips to Expand Business Overseas

Deciding when to expand business overseas and go global is a bit daunting for startups and small businesses alike. International trade is important for growing your business, and you may be sorely tempted by the opportunities you can see in hot markets like the USA or China. But there are also risks…

 February 20, 2017  Dolly

Entering Into a Joint Venture Agreement

A joint venture involves two or more businesses pooling their resources and expertise while starting a business. The ownership, operational control, profits, risks and liabilities of the enterprise are all shared as per the joint venture agreement. This makes the JV…

 January 30, 2017  Dolly

Guide for Online IEC Application Form for Import Export License in India

You need to apply for an Importer Exporter Code (IEC) if you want to import or export anything to and from India to other countries. Technically speaking, IEC is a 10-digit number granted by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) to any Indian entity seeking to do international trade.

 January 28, 2017  Dolly

Outstanding Tech Startups From Bangalore

Bengaluru is one of only two Asian cities listed in the latest Compass Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking. The sustained growth of startups in Bangalore has resulted in the city boasting of 26% of India’s total startup count. The growth of tech startups has been especially stellar, and Bangalore now has a long list of companies that have…

 January 13, 2017  Dolly

Email Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business

Email marketing is still one of the most cost-effective ways to get more leads and online sales. According to this  a web survey, 81% of customers say that email marketing is very important to grow your business, and 75% of small business owners or freelancers use email marketing for their businesses or startups.

 January 6, 2017  Dolly

Ten Free Productivity Tools for Indian Businesses

Indian businesses are rightly famous for their ‘jugaad’ capability, but there comes a time when you have to get the right tools to support streamlined business growth. Want to grow your business? Come to Evoma. Our serviced offices and business facilities include all the tools you need to grow fast. Implementing a company-wide ERP may be hard for many businesses after…

 December 31, 2016  Dolly

9 Blockbuster Ideas For Growing Your Small Business

When you are running a small business that is going along smoothly, you start wondering about how to grow it. There are many ways to do this, and we have selected and listed only these top 9 ideas for growing your small business. 1. Expand by Adding a New Location: When you start to think that…

 December 24, 2016  Dolly

How to Develop an Effective Marketing Strategy for New Business

Having an effective marketing strategy in place to generate leads and align campaigns with your business goals, mission and vision ensures optimum returns out of your marketing budget. 5 Key Points of an Effective Marketing Strategy Before you start mulling over strategies, think about the answers to the five questions below. These are the 5 key points…

 December 16, 2016  Dolly

Why International Trade is Important for Growing Your Business

Why International Trade is Important for Growing Your Business What is International Trade? International trade is an exchange of capital, goods and services across the world which could include individuals and government. In 1991, the Indian economy was opened up for globalisation under the leadership of then Prime MInister P. V. Narasimha Rao and Formfper…

 September 23, 2016  Dolly

How Work Life Balance Increases Productivity of your Organization

How Work Life Balance Increases Productivity of your Organization What is Work Life Balance? Work life balance is about how you prioritize your time and energy between professional life and personal life. It’s been proven time and again that Happy people work hard. In fact happiness and productivity are complimentary terms. So for an…

 September 23, 2016  Dolly

How to Grow Your Business in India

How to Grow Your Business in India A common ambition among all businesses in India is their zeal to grow fast and become the next Tata, Birla, Narayana Murthi or Ambani. According to a study report from B2B market research firm Circle Research, achieving growth is cited as the biggest ambition for small and midsize…

 September 23, 2016  Dolly

How to Increase Productivity of Your Organization

How to Increase Productivity of Your Organization Productivity Definition: Productivity is termed as a measure of the capability or performance of a person, machine, organization etc., in converting inputs into valuable outputs. The success of an organisation has a linear relationship with employees productivity. Hence significant of research has been conducted behind to figure out…

 September 23, 2016  Dolly