What is MSME?

MSME is an acronym for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. MSMEs are basically small-sized businesses defined in terms of their investment. 40% of India’s gross industrial output is contributed by MSME. 45% of India’s total export is from MSME. India’s second largest Employer after Agriculture. Undoubtedly…

 August 30, 2017  Dolly

Analysis of Startup Failure Due to Premature Scaling Characteristics

We all know the economic importance of providing a business environment in which startups can thrive, but there’s no scientific method or formula that leads to successful startups. According to the Startup Genome Report, 90% of the time, startups fail due to self-destruction and not due to competition. 10%…

 August 26, 2017  Dolly

Affordable Health Benefit Plans for Indian Small Businesses

The biggest challenge for small businesses in India is not about finding the right talent, but retaining your most valuable employees. One way to keep trained and experienced SME staff from leaving is to offer perks such as employee health insurance that they might lose if they quit. This is a perk that is at present barely offered by India’s…

 August 21, 2017  Dolly

Workplace Health and Fitness at Evoma

India is already a member of the exclusive club of obese nations, with around 5% of its population affected with this malady. The IT and tech workforce takes a large and unhealthy slice of this 5%. Definitely, you don’t want to be one of them. In this post, I’m sharing with you a few things that we provide at Evoma to our startup and SME…

 August 17, 2017  Dolly

5 Diets Designed For Startup Founders

The way you run your business and the way you eat are deeply connected. Let’s face it, you startup founders lead a very busy life and easily fall prey to the “Everything or Nothing” syndrome in which you focus all your energy on one project and usually overlook fitness. To assist you in putting your health first, I have put together 5 diet plans that…

 August 14, 2017  Dolly

Hiring Spree for Growth? Don’t Forget This Health Checklist

Replacing an employee is a costly affair, upwards of twice an employee’s salary to find and train a replacement. It hurts a lot where it matters the most – your company’s bottom line. Not to mention the impact on the morale of the remaining employees. The below CAP graph puts the figure at 21.40% of the annual…

 August 7, 2017  Dolly